Rockers In Recovery Cafes are the coffee house of choice for individuals in recovery or those who just enjoy a sober, enjoyable environment. We believe that Recovery is the beginning of truly enjoying life, not a sentence to a life of boredom. It is our aim to create safe and fun places that people in recovery can call their own.

RIR Cafes bring music and the spirit of recovery together to create an experience of entertainment and fellowship over a cup of coffee. Each cafe will be a place that allows for the rejuvenation of energy and spirit.

Rockers In Recovery – Radio and Productions, a privately held Media and Production company are partnered with us on the exciting adventure. Their support allows us to provide access to an endless supply of streaming audio, interviews with rock legends, live concert streams, and in-cafe performances.

Rockers In Recovery Cafes is actively seeking individuals interested in joining us on this adventure as Licensed Cafe Owners.

Check out our Licensing Page or Contact Us for more information