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The dream of Rockers In Recovery Cafes is to create havens where music and recovery combine to produce entertainment and fellowship with an opportunity to rejuvenate and start fresh! Recovery is NOT a death sentence; It is the beginning of truly living and enjoying life!  We want individuals in recovery to have a place to gather and share that experience with others in a fun, sober environment.

RIR Cafes also envisions each cafe to be an expression of the cafe owner and the community it resides in. That vision is was led to RIR Cafes establishing a “Licensing” model for individuals that wanted to join us on this adventure.  Our Licensing program allows for each RIR Cafe owner to customize and design their cafe to meet their needs and to match their creative vision while maintaining the Rockers In Recovery Cafes brand.

Rockers In Recovery Cafes has received overwhelming interest and support from everyone in the recovery community. As a RIR Cafe owner, you gain a viable business and provide a valuable service to those in recovery in your community.

The basic details of our licensing concept are outlined below. Please Contact Us for more information!

Licensing Outline for Prospective Rockers In Recovery Cafe Owners

  • Services Provided to Licensees by Rockers In Recovery Cafes, INC (RIRC, INC)

    • Education and information on the mission and goals of RIRC, INC
    • Consulting on management and operations practices
    • Dedicated café listing webpage on RockersInRecoveryCafes.Com
    • Inclusion in digital marketing campaigns and promotion on social media channelsCoffee Collage-4
    • Digital streaming radio content 24/7 provided by Rockers In Recovery – Radio and Productions
    • Audio and Visual content for in store use provided by Rockers in Recovery – Radio and Productions
    • RIR Unplugged band performances provided by Rockers In Recovery – Radio and Productions (Additional Fee Required)
    • Video Streaming of live and previously recorded concert and recovery education events available from Rockers In Recovery – Radio and Productions (Additional Fee Required)
  • Requirements

    • All Coffee must be purchased from RIRC, INC
      • Future products are in development for sale in store
    • RIRC, INC has final approval of cafe design regarding use of trademarked name / logo usage and signage design / placement
      • Overall design elements of each café is at creative discretion of café owner/operator
    • Café design must include a multi-purpose area that could potentially be utilized for musical performance
    • RIRC, INC apparel and merchandise displaying official logo must be displayed and offered for sale in-store
      • Apparel or merchandise not purchased from RIRC, INC or official vendor partners will require RIRC, INC approval prior to sale in store
    • Each café must have general or business liability insurance with minimum coverage of $1 Million
      • RIRC, INC must be additionally named on the insurance certificate
  • Fees

    • Annual Licensing Fee: $2,500.00
    • Monthly Percentage Fee: 2% of Gross Sales (After initial six months of operation)